Course Code: FST-1

Assignment Code: FST-1/ TMA /2014

Max Marks:100

1. Identify the correct words from the brackets:
a)(Insulin / Penicillium) is a synthetically prepared antidiabetic drug.
b)Two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the year (1945/ 1955).

2. Write the terms for the following:
a) The branch of science that deals with the study of relationships between organism and the environment.
b)satellite instruction television experiment.

3. match the items of column 1 with those of column 2
4. Which of the following statements is true and which is false? write the reason for the statement true or false.
a) Mars has several features that are similar to Earth.
b)Nuclear wastes are biodegradable.

5. Explain the tradition and social functions of science.
6. Describe any five technical devices that were invented or improved upon in Medieval India.
7. Citing suitable examples describe the operations involved in the “method of science’
8. Detail the techniques and instruments that have helped us in gathering information about the Universe.
9. What goals need to be set for the management of water resources? How can water be managed in a scientific manner?
10. “There is a mismatch between man’s ability to produce and social incapacity to utilize”. Explain the meaning of the statement.
11. Elucidate any five contributions made by the ‘human factor specialists’
12. Discuss with the help of examples as to how the research programs not only benefit the industry but also give rise to new industries.
13. Why is it important to pursue the policy of self-reliance for the progress of science and technology and for the development of the nation?

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