Prepare two nutritious snacks for a child attending an anganwadi & for an elderly


Prepare any two nutritious snacks – one for a child attending an anganwadi & second for an elderly. Your answer must specify.
i) Name of the snack.
ii) List of ingredients.
iii) Method of preparation.
iv) Food sources contributing to the important nutrients required by the specific individuals.
v) Justify the selection of the snack (from nutritional standpoint) for the children & for the elderly.

For child:

i) Name of the snack: Boiled egg, banana & biscuit.
ii) List of ingredients: (a) Egg (b) Banana (c) Biscuits (d) Water for boil.
iii) Method of preparation: Boil the egg as the time required.
iv) Food sources contributing nutrients required: (a) Calcium (b) Protein (c) Vitamins (d) Potassium (e) Iron
v) Justify the selection: (a) Easy availability (b) Easy to prepare (c) Easily digestible (d) Not too expensive (e) It is good for health.

For elderly:

i) Name of snack: Moori makha
ii) List of ingredients: Puffed rice, chopped onion, chillies, grated coconut, fried groundnut, mustard oil & salt.
iii) Method of preparation: Dry preparation made from puffed rice, chopped onion chillies, grated or chopped coconut, fried groundnut seeds, mustard oil & salt. All these ingredients are mixed well & served.
iv) Food sources contributing to the nutrients required: Puffed rice is mainly a carbohydrate which provides energy. groundnut contains protein in high amount. Coconut chillies also contain minerals like iron inadequate amount.
v) Justify the selection of the snack: Very easily available in the market. It does not take much time to prepare & it is good for health.

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