Ignou Notes

Ignou Assignment Notes

Define Osmosis, Field capacity, Morphogenesis, Vernalisation, Overall Senescence

Differentiate between Xeropthalmia & keratomalacia, PUFA & saturated fat, Food law & food standards

Define stomatal frequency & stomatal index. Make a chart of macronutrients & micronutrients with function

Describe how active transport takes place across the plasma membrane in plants

Describe the basic process of oogenesis (animals) & make a chart to classify the eggs (animals)

Describe the following briefly-CFU-M, L stem cells in mammals, Test for genomic equivalence

Describe the following briefly-Role of morphogenetic field in development of eye, Role of prothoracic gland in insect metamorphosis

Describe the stages of regeneration of salamander limb and the role of proto-oncogenes in the induction of cancer

Important point to keep in mind while selecting meat & meat products, fats & oils

Define Standardized recipe, Work schedule, Adolescent growth spurt, Synergism, Food poisoning

Describe with appropriate examples the role of environment in the determination of sex

Describe with clear diagrams the variant cambial activity in the stems of Bignonia & Aristolochia

Determine the allelic & genotypic frequencies of a randomly mating laboratory population of Drosophila

Differentiate between Enhancers & inhibitors, Essential & Non-essential amino-acids

Different methods used for assessment of nutritional status

Detail the Watson & Crick model of DNA structure. How did it fit in the data provided by Chargaff?

Describe electron transport pathway through photosystem I & photosystem II with suitable diagram

Discuss the applications of Plant Tissue Culture in Agriculture, Horticulture & Industry

Discuss general causes of congenital defects & various theories of cellular aging

Discuss why photorespiration is called "necessary evil"

Explain difference between Instructive & permissive interactions, Mosaic & regulatory embryos, Radial & spiral cleavage, Regeneration & embryonic development.

Does the operon concept apply to Eukaryotes? Describe a suggested mechanism for gene regulation in Eukaryotes.

Explain with clear & labelled diagrams the ways in which genes can be transferred in bacteria

From given blood types, determine which baby belongs to which parents, also give reason.

Important point to keep in mind while selecting rice & wheat, fruits, milk & milk product

Functions & disorders caused by the deficiency of Niacin, Folic acid, Protein, Riboflavin, Vitamin D

Identify the correct words from the brackets

Home-scale food preservation methods

In crosses involving given traits what are the most likely parental genotypes of Drosophila

What have we come to know about the nutrition of embryo from in vivo & in vitro studies

Basic functions of vertebrate kidney. Adaptations in terrestrial. Explain synaptic transmission. How calcium ion acts as physiological regulators?

Make a schematic diagram of the ontogeny of anther wall layers & microscope mother cells

Nature & functions of Estrogens in mammals. Formation & secretion of amino acid based hormones with diagram

Objectives & components of Mid-day meal programme & ICDS

Present a detailed account on Syngamy & Triple Fusion.

Prepare two nutritious snacks for a child attending an anganwadi & for an elderly

List four dietary considerations to keep in mind while planning meals for One year child, Adolescent girl

Meal patterns of Tripura

Relationship between nutrition, health. Functions & food sources of Vitamin A & calcium

The tradition and social functions of science

Briefly discuss the dietary modifications/preventive measures-Diabetes Mellitus, Iron Deficiency Anaemia

True and false: a) Mars has several features that are similar to Earth. b)Nuclear wastes are biodegradable.

Read the activity carefully & record your result in the format provided

What are the different records you would maintain in a food service unit? Enumerate.

Ultimate fine structure mapping of a gene or a chromosome. How it impact the study & application of Genetics

What do you understand by the term 'Human Security'? Briefly discuss

Using diagrams explain the Holliday Model for the molecular mechanism of recombination

What do you understand by the term 'social structure'? Discuss.

Write short note on 'Biological clocks'

What do you understand by the term 'Renaissance'?

Briefly explain how the nutrient needs of adults are influenced by Activity level, Body size, Age

What does an oxygen dissociation curve show? Describe the method of glucose absorption.

Write short note on 'Effect of gastric hormones'

Write short note on 'Biological responses controlled by Phytochrome'

Write short note on 'Factors responsible for deaths due to heat'

Write short note on 'Juvenile Justice Act'

What do you understand by the term 'Fundamental Rights' as given in our constitution?

Write short note on 'Red Drop'

Write short note on 'Family as a social institution'

What is a balanced diet? List the steps involved in preparing a balanced diet.

Write short note on 'Modes of respiration in animals'

Write short note on 'Fenson & Spanner electroosmotic flow hypothesis'

Write short note on 'Regulation of kidney function'

Write short notes on Oncogenic viruses and Antigen-antibody reactions

Comment on Mahatma Gandhi's role in the national movement

Write the terms for the following

Define Pheromones

Define Cardiac output

Resting potential in a nerve cell

Define Anatomical dead space

Define Parthenogenesis

What does Blood pressure mean? Process of Fluid transfer.

How are peroxisomes and lysosomes generated in a cell? What are their functions?


Comparative chart of function of all plant hormones. Practical applications of plant hormones