List any four dietary considerations that should be kept in mind while planning meals for each of the following:

a)One year old child

The dietary considerations of the one year old child are -
i. Energy giving nutrients
ii. Proteins
iii. Calcium
iv. Vitamin-D
By one year, the child is capable of eating & digesting a variety of foods. The child is ready to eat family food i.e, chapati, dal, rice, vegetables etc. The child's energy need are greater than is indicated by its size. So the problem is how to provide enough energy food to the child.

  1. Feed the child frequently-five to six times a day in addition to breast milk.

  2. Enrich the child's food with a little oil or fat.

Adolescent girl

The dietary considerations of a adolescent girl are -

i. Iron
ii. Calcium

iii. Protein

iv. Energy giving nutrients (carbohydrates & fats)

Adolescent diet including:

  1. Items from each food group in each meal.
  2. Good energy & protein sources.
  3. Good calcium & iron sources.
  4. Animal protein
  5. Cereal-pulse combinations to improve protein quality.
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