What is a balanced diet? List the steps involved in preparing a balanced diet.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet can be defined as one which contains different types of foods in such quantities & proportions that the need for calories, minerals, vitamins & other nutrients is adequately met & a small provision is made for extra nutrients to withstand short duration of leanness.

The steps which involved in preparing a balanced diet are as follows:

i) Identify the individual & her specific characteristics.
ii) Consult RDIs for energy & protein.
iii) Decide on the total amount of specific group.
iv) Decide on the number of meals to be consumed.
v) Distribute total amounts decided between meals.
vi) Decide on items & their amounts within each group for each meal.
vii) Check day's diet for the inclusion of specific food groups in the amounts decided.

Balanced diet for pregnant women in the trimester:
A food plan is a list of the total amounts of the specific food exchanges which should be included in a day's diet with their energy & protein contributions.

Food group Exchange Total of exchange/day Total amount (g)/day Energy (kcal) Protein (g)
Energy giving food Cereals 10 200 700 20
Root & tubers 1 60 70 2
Sugar 3 15 60 -
Fats & oils 5 25 225 -
Body building food Milk 1 250ml 170 8
Pulses 2 60 200 14
Fish 1 50 70 7
Protective food Green leafy vegetables 1 100 - -
3 300-450 120 6
2 160-200 80 -
Total 1765 kcal 57 (gm)
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