Meal patterns of Tripura

How many meals are taken in a day?**

Three meals are taken in a day.

List the meals with their names & timing.**

i) Breakfast - 8 AM to 8:30 AM

ii) Lunch - 1:30 PM to 2 PM

iii) Dinner - 10:30 PM to 11 PM

Is there a fixed time for eating snacks with tea/coffee/milk? Yes/No.
If yes, when are such meals taken? Mid-morning/Mid afternoon/Evening tea/Bedtime.

Give a day's typical menu using this chart

Meal Menu Ingredients used Description of dish & cooking method
Breakfast Doodh Moori i) Puffed rice
ii) Milk
iii) Sugar
At first we made the puffed rice & milk preparation. Then sugar is added to preparation. And this preparation is called Doodh Moori
Laru i) Roasted rice powder
ii) coconut
iii) Puffed rice
iv) Khoa
At first preparation of roaster rice powder roasted till seeds coconut, puffed rice, khoa are made. Then all ingredients are mixed together & laru preparation is complete
Lunch Bhat i) Rice
ii) Water
Bhat is a boiled preparation of rice
Dal i) Dal
ii) Water
iii) Salt
iv) Red chilli
v) Cooking oil
vi) Turmeric powder
At first washing of dal is done. And then add salt & enough water to cook the dal. And then heat & boil dal & after boiling little oil is poured & heat with red chilli & in this cooked dal is mixed.
Bhaja (Ladies finger) i) Ladies finger
ii) Salt
iii) Cooking oil
iv) Turmeric powder
At first wash the ladies finger by water then cut them into small pieces, after that deep frying oil with chilli & turmeric powder.
Macher Jhol i) Fish
ii) Salt
iii) Turmeric powder
iv) Chillies
v) Ginger
vi) Onion
vii) Cooking oil
viii) Water
ix) Vegetable
A curry preparation made with cutted fish. The fish is marinated with salt & turmeric & deep fried. In 2nd step, vegetables are cooked in oil along with chillies, ginger, salt & turmeric powder. Vegetables are cooked, fried pieces are put into it & water is added & the dish is prepared by boiling.
Dinner Baingan ka bharta i) Brinjals
ii) Onion
iii) Green chilli
iv) Salt
v) Raw mustard oil
At first we take around 150 gm brinjal & make 3-4 slices. Then put the onion, green chilli, salt, mustard oil & mixed well. Bharta is ready.
Tok (Mango) i) Mangoes
ii) Water
iii) Oil
iv) Salt
v) Turmeric powder
Tok refers to chutney. The mangoes are boiled in water along with oil, salt, sugar, turmeric powder till the gravy thickness.
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